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Model 3100: Power Units
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The Mighty Giant Model 3100 Power Units

The Mighty Giant Model 3100 Power Unit is designed for heavy duty commercial use. The tub tilts hydraulically (something we’ve been doing for over 50 years) for easy access to the hammers and screens. A multi-function remote control system is standard on all grinders. Screens are available in a wide range of sizes, with custom configurations available because we fabricate our own screens. The 14” discharge auger under the mill allows trouble free grinding with less mess under the machine.


  • Tub opens hydraulically for servicing and changing the screens.
  • Tub hydraulic system uses a variable displacement hydrastat pump with electronic speed control for forward and reverse. Tub is chain driven.
  • Trouble free high capacity 14” discharge auger
  • Elevators drive from the top with a rubber lagged pulley.
  • Elevators hydraulically fold and unfold, hydraulically raise and lower, and hydraulically swing side to side to make a wider pile or to fill trucks.
  • Hammers have hard surfacing on all 4 edges so that they can be turned 4 times to use all 4 corners.
  • Available with gooseneck hitch and hydraulic brakes. This unit has tandem axles with dual wheels.
  • All engines have a heavy duty air filter system with precleaner and a muffler on the exhaust system. All engines have a completely enclosed engine compartment
  • Jones Mfg. Co. purchases Caterpillar Extended Service Coverage (Warranty) for 5 Years or 5000 hours on new Caterpillar engines.
  • Capable of grinding any type of Wood Waste or Mulch
  • Hand held remote control allows the operator to control tub and elevator functions from the loader tractor.


  • Engine: Choice of Caterpillar C15 or Caterpillar C18
  • Grinder suspension: 30,000 lbs spring suspension
  • Clutch: Fluid Coupling
  • Size of mill cylinder: 26” x 48”
  • Mill shaft diameter: 5”
  • Mill bearing size: 3 15/16” pillow block bearings
  • Number of hammers: 54
  • Hammer Size: 1/2" thick
  • Hammer Swing: 360 Degrees
  • Number of mill pins: 6
  • Mill pin size: 1 ¼” diameter
  • Mill disk thickness: 1/2”
  • Mill base: Constructed of rectangular tube with 1/2” plate auger trough sides and formed 1/4" auger trough
  • Tub floor and walls: Floor – 1/2" Wall – 1/4"
  • Tub drive: Hydraulic motor with Heavy Duty Chain
  • Number of tub rollers: 12
  • Elevator: Hydraulic folding and lays over the top of the tub
  • Elevator size: 24” wide x 25’ long
  • Elevator drive: Hydraulic motor with chain drive to rubber lagged pulley on top end of elevator
  • Discharge auger: 14” diameter
  • Screen size: Various sizes – Round hole or Slot Style
  • Overall height: approximately 11’-6”

Available Options:

  • Reversing engine fan assembly: Enables operator to clean the radiator without turning the machine off.
  • 16” Discharge Auger
  • Other engine options available, but must meet specification requirements for machine and approved by Jones Manufacturing Co.